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DIY "St. Patrick's Day" Mesh Wreath

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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by crafting this simple DIY Mesh Wreath.  You are just minutes away from fun.  Just a few materials needed:

Work wreath

Roll of green deco mesh 21" width

Roll of checked ribbon 1 1/2" width

Burlap flags with shamrock painted in the center

Wooden shamrock picks

Wooden "Happy St. Patrick's Day" plaque

Floral Wire 


Now let's get started.  Take the end of the mesh and pinch it together.  Place the pinch in the tinsel sprigs on the inside loop of the work wreath.  Next move approximately 12" down the mesh and pinch it together again.  Place this pinch in the tinsel sprigs to the immediate left of the first ones. 


Now just continue this process around the inside loop and then move right to the outside loop and continue until you have gone all the way around the outside loop.

That looks great but we aren't quite finished.  Now cut 12" strips of ribbon.  You will need to cut about 9 pieces.  Or at least enough for each tinsel sprig on the outside loop of the work wreath.

To attach, pinch the ribbon in the middle and twist the tinsel sprig around it. Chevron the ends of the ribbon and point them toward the outside of the wreath.

OK are you ready for this?  To attach the sign ....yes I did.....I lathered the back with hot glue and pressed it in place.  Can't get much easier than that.  I would recommend using a light weight sign but the glue adheres to the mesh perfectly.

The wooden picks I chose had sticks on the bottom.  So I just inserted the stick down through an opening in the mesh.  You may wish to wrap the tinsel sprig around the stick or you could use floral wire and secure the stick to the wreath frame on the back side of the wreath.

Another cool thing about these picks is the burlap rope attached to the top.  I simply wrapped the rope around the closest tinsel sprig.  This balances the top and the bottom of the pick and holds it from tilting forward when wreath is hanging.

Th finishing touch are the burlap flags.  Using stiff floral wire, thread the wire through the pocket at the flag top.  Twist the ends of the wire together as shown in the picture below.

It is important that the wire is long enough to reach through to the wreath frame.Stick the end of the wire down into the wreath and wrap it around the wreath frame.  Add flags around the wreath to suit your own taste.  I spread mine out to give the wreath a full look.


There is an Irish Proverb that says "What fills the eye fills the heart"

This DIY  Mesh Wreath is certain to fill the hearts of those who see it on your door this St. Patrick's Day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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