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DIY Silly Rabbit Mesh Wreath

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This silly little rabbit is a great Easter decoration for a kids room.  It may even bring a chuckle to some "big kids".  Let me show you how I made this DIY Mesh Easter wreath sporting a silly rabbit.

To get started you will need: Roll of 21" mesh, work wreath, 3 packs of mesh tubing

Start on the inside loop of the work wreath.  Gather the end of the mesh and secure it using the sprigs on the work wreath.

Now move down the mesh about 12" and gather it again.

Place this gather in the next sprigs moving counter-clockwise around the wreath.

Repeat this step all the way around the inside loop then move to the outside loop and work your way around.

Adding the mesh tubing is a lot of fun.  Take all 3 colors and loop them together in your hand.  Attach the center of the loop to the sprigs on the wreath.

Now get crazy with it.  Loop and twirl the tubing all around the wreath.  Attaching it as you go using the sprigs.

Now that you have the wreath made, it is time to decorate it.  You will need:  light weight rabbit, light weight carrots, 1 1/2" ribbon and a "Happy Easter" sign.  ( Be creative with the sign.  I used the paddle from a paddle ball toy I found at a local dollar store.)

First secure the rabbit.  I inserted 2 pieces of wire through the back of the rabbit's clothing.  One through  the shirt and the other through the pants.  With the rabbit sitting in place on the front, I ran the wire down through the mesh and wrapped it around the wreath frame.

Next place the carrots on the lower left front of the wreath.  My carrots came with wire stems.  No worries if your do not. A little hot glue to the stems or back of carrots will hold them in place nicely.

After removing the band and ball from the paddle, it became the perfect sign.  Just a bit of hot glue holds it in place.

Now take your 12 inch ribbon strips and add them randomly around the wreath using the sprigs to secure them.

Here is the finished product.  A silly little rabbit wishing you a Happy Easter.


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