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DIY Mesh "Mardi Gras" Wreath

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What a fun way to celebrate Mardi Gras. This DIY Mesh Wreath will bring all the festive sparkle and color of New Orleans to you home. All you need is:

1 work wreath

1 roll deco mesh with strips

1 roll 2 1/2 inch ribbon

1 roll 1 1/2 inch ribbon

1 roll 1/2 inch ribbon

2 costume masks

Assorted glitter picks (large and small)

Let the fun begin!!!!!!


Starting with the deco mesh, attach it to the inside ring of the work wreath.  Just gather the end and secure it using the tinsel sprigs on the work wreath.


Now measure down about 12 inches and gather the mesh again. The secured that gather in the next tinsel sprigs.  Repeat this step as you work your way around the inside ring of the work wreath.



That looks great.  Now just move to the outside ring and continue the same process.


Next we will add some ribbon strips.  Using both the 2 1/2 inch and the 1 1/2 inch ribbon, cut the strips about 12 inches long.  You will need to cut enough pieces to have one of each for every tinsel sprig on the work wreath.


This is an easy step.  Take 1 of each pieces of ribbon, large on bottom, and pinch them together in the middle.


Next secure them by twisting the tinsel sprigs around the middle.



OK now we will add the 1/2 inch ribbon.  Cut strips about 24 inches long.  Then curl the ribbon.  I found it easy when using a regular drinking straw.


Add 2 pieces of the curled ribbon to each tinsel sprig right over the wider ribbons.



Before adding the glitter picks, I attached two of the them together using floral tape.  This step seems to make them more stable.



Put a little hot glue on the end of the pick and insert it down into the mesh.  I found it easier to insert it close to a tinsel sprig because those places provided an opening in the mesh.


I moved to the sprigs above this and added another pick.


I repeated this each time moving up a tinsel sprig to add picks. Once the picks were in place I hot glued the mask in place.


No Mardi Gras inspired wreath would not be complete without beads.  I used the tinsel sprigs to secure the beads in place.  I arranged them randomly by draping them.


I think we did a great job. 


Enjoy the celebration and Happy Crafting.

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