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DIY Mesh " Beach House" Wreath

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Nautical colors and a nobby starfish make this DIY Mesh Wreath a great accent.  You will need a few things that can be found at most craft stores.

Work Wreath

1 Roll Burlap Mesh (21" wide)

2 1/2" Canvas Ribbon

2 1/2" Net Ribbon

1 1/2" Navy and White Ribbon

9 feet Wired Cording

Nobby Starfish

Beach House Hanging


After attaching the end of the burlap mesh to the inside ring of the work wreath, measure 14 inches. Now gather the mesh again. 


Attach this gather to the next wire sprigs, moving clockwise, on the inside ring.  Note the more space you allow between gathers will make the wreath fuller.


Continue measuring 14 inches and attach it as you work all the way around the inside ring.


Cut the roll of mesh away from the wreath and start over on the outside ring of the work wreath.


Next take the canvas ribbon.  Adding it only to the outside ring, gather the end and secure it using the wire sprigs.  Allow the ribbon to flow over the mesh, gather the ribbon at each sprig around the outside ring.



Now take the net ribbon and the small white and blue ribbon and attach them together to the inside ring of the work wreath.


Weave these ribbons  around the wreath. Alternate attachment from inside ring to outside ring.


Next step is to add the wired cording.  Again we will only add this to the outside ring. Attach it the same way you did the ribbon.  This product is easy to work with.  It is easy to bend so I manipulated so that it would stick up from the wreath giving a 3 dimensional look.  Add the cording all the way around the outside ring.



One last ribbon accent.  Cut enough 14" strips of ribbon for each sprig on the outside ring of the wreath.  Use the 1 1'2" ribbon.




To attach the hanging, use the rope on the hanging and twist the sprigs on the inside ring of the wreath around it.


Hot glue a nobby starfish in the center and it is ready to hang.


Whether you live in a house at the beach or just wish you did, this DIY "Beach House" wreath will bring a touch of coast design to your home.  What's not to love about a beach house?

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