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DIY "Merry Christmas" Mesh Wreath

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A DIY Mesh Christmas Wreath that is "lively and quick". The perfect finishing touch to your Christmas decorations.

Just a few supplies:

Work wreath

Roll of 21" deco mesh

2 Rolls of 2 1/2" ribbon (coordinating patterns)

Glittery Christmas picks

A sign that says "Merry Christmas"


To add the mesh, gather the end and place it in the tinsel sprigs.  Twist the sprig around the mesh to hold it in place.  Start on the inside ring of the work wreath.


Now slide down the mesh about 12 inches and gather it again.  Place that gather in the next sprigs and twist the sprigs to hold the mesh in place.


Continue this process around the inside ring and then move to the outside ring and continue all the way around.  This should give you a nice fluffy wreath.


Now to decorate your wreath, add ribbon.  Take the end of both ribbons and pinch them together.  Then place them in the sprigs right over the mesh and twist the sprigs around them. 


Now to work around the wreath, pinch the ribbons together every 8 to 10 inches and secure them around the wreath. Secure them using the sprigs but alternate back and forth from the inside to outside and back.  Leave a wider space where you would like the bottom of the wreath to be.


Now choose one of the ribbon patterns and cut 12 inch strips.  Cut chevrons in the ends.


Attach a strip of ribbon at each place the ribbon is attached on the outer ring of the work wreath.



Next craft a bow.  First make a few loops with the ribbon not used for strips.  Then add a few loops to the back of the bow using the same ribbon used for your strips. 


Attach the bow in the wide area left at the bottom of the wreath.  To attach the bow thread the wire on the bow down to the back side of the wreath and twist it around the frame.



Glue the "Merry Christmas" sign in the middle of the wreath.


Glue the glittery picks around the wreath and you are sure to have the jolliest wreath on the block.


I hope this DIY mesh Christmas wreath brings a little cheer to your home this season.

From my house to yours, "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

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