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DIY "Happy New Year" Mesh Wreath

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Ring in the New Year with this DIY "Happy New Year" wreath. Festive and inviting, this wreath is a simple project .

This is what you will need for your wreath:

1 work wreath

1 roll deco mesh (21" width)

2 rolls of 2 1/2" ribbon (patterns or solids, mix it up)

7 decorative ball picks

2 decorative glitter sprig bushes

Happy New Year Plaque (easy to find at most party supply stores)


The wreath is formed by attaching the deco mesh to the work wreath frame.  Starting on the inside, pinch together the end of the mesh and place it in the wire sprig of the work wreath. With the end secured, begin gathering the mesh every 10 or so inches and attach it as you work your way around the inside ring of the work wreath.



When you have circled the inside loop, cut the mesh loose and move to the outer ring.  Secure the end of the mesh to the outer ring and continue adding mesh all the way around just as you did on the inside ring.



Next add the ribbon.  Your ribbon selection can vary, 2 prints or 2 solids.  I chose a print and a solid.  Take the ends of both ribbon and at the same time, pinch them together and twist them inside the sprigs on the work wreath.


Continue pinching the ribbons every 8 or so inches and attach them as you work your way around the inside ring of the work wreath.  Note, never pull the ribbon tight.  Always allow the ribbon to lay loosely between the sprigs. Once the ribbon is secured, separate the 2 ribbons so that both patterns can be seen.


Now for the outer ring.  Take a trip of both ribbons and make loops like a bow.  Secure the looped ribbon in the sprigs on the outer ring of the wreath. Make loops for each sprig.





No glue necessary to attach these glitter ball picks. The stem is wire. Simply thread the stem down through the mesh and wrap the wire stem around the frame of the work wreath.




The plaque has a ribbon already attached to it for hanging.  Tie the ribbon around the stem of one of the glitter ball picks.



Clip the large picks into smaller stems. Then attach them around the outer ring of the wreath.  Like the ball picks these stems are wired and can be wrapped around the wreath frame.



Get the party started and be the hostess with the mostest. Craft one of these DIY mesh wreath for your


New Year's celebration.

Have a safe and Happy New Year.

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