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DIY Burlap Spring Wreath

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A little country charmer is the perfect project for spring.  Just a few simple steps makes this one of the easiest wreath projects every. To craft this cutie you will need:

2 rolls of burlap ribbon (15 feet each roll)

straw wreath

1 1/2 inch ribbon

spring floral picks

floral pins

Starting toward the inner circle of the straw  wreath., gather the end of the burlap ribbon and press a floral pin down through the ribbon into the straw wreath.

Next move down the burlap about 5 inches and gather again.  Loop the burlap and insert another floral pin through the new gather.  Note the floral pins should be approximately 2 finger widths apart.

Now that you have the hang of it, repeat this step all the way around the wreath.  Stay aligned with the inner circle of the wreath.

You aren't finished with this step.  Add loops around the outer edge of the straw wreath.

And you guessed it, add one around the middle.  I save the middle for last in order to hide the edges of the first 2 rows.

I chose picks with flowers and some with mushrooms.  I added the flowered picks first.  I trimmed the ends leaving only a 3 inch stem.

Bend them stem over and insert it down through the burlap and into the straw wreath.  Make sure a health length of the stem is in the straw. An added dab of hot glue will give added stability.

You will add all the floral picks in the same manner.  Layer and arrange the picks to suit you taste.

I placed some picks straight up and down and some I angled to the side. 

To fill in the area where the stems are inserted, I crafted a bow and secured it to the wreath using the same wire I used to make the bow.  Simply allow a long enough  piece of wire to wrap around the straw wreath and twist the wire together on the back side.

I topped it off with this cute burlap butterfly I found the pottery and that's all it took.

 Crafting a DIY spring wreath is a terrific way relieve tension not to mention bring a little seasonal design  to your home.  Enjoy your wreath and happy crafting.

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