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DIY Burlap "Snow Owl" Wreath

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This DIY Snow Owl Burlap wreath is crisp and welcoming.  The perfect wintery accessory for your home.  All you need to craft one for yourself is :

5 Rolls of Red Burlap Ribbon (15 feet each roll)

1 Floral Wire Wreath

2 Artificial Winter Pine Branches

1 White Snow Owl (approximately 8 inches tall)

1 Roll of 2 1/2 " Ribbon

Crafting essentials (floral wire, needle and thread)


Begin threading the burlap up through the 2 outer rings of the wire wreath.


Fold the end back over the outer wire and stitch it so that it will stay attached to the wire wreath.


Now pull burlap loops up through wire rings of the wreath.


As you can see, the wire wreath has cross wires.  Push the burlap loops down toward the cross wire and bunch them.


Hold loops bunched, turn the wreath over and twist the burlap.  Then start back with the outer 2 rings and push loops back up through the wire rings.



Repeat this process all the way around the wreath until the entire wreath is filled in with burlap.


While filling in your wreath, you will need to star new rolls of burlap. As you finish a roll secure the end of the burlap to the wire wreath using your needle and thread. Start a new roll by securing the end of the new roll of burlap using needle and thread.


Next to add your pine branches.  Run floral wire through the needles and wrap the wire around the stem.


Place the branch as desired on the front of the wreath.  Pull the ends of the wire around the wreath and twist them on the back side of the wreath.  Hid the floral wire in between the loops of burlap.


Add both pine branches with the stems opposite each other.


Tie a bow and sure it between the 2 stems.  This will hide the wire stems of the branches.


Finally, attach a piece of floral wire to each foot of the owl


Rest the owl in the center of the wreath and wrap the wire around the bottom of the wreath.


Let this beautiful owl find a home on your front door not just for Christmas but all winter long.

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