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DIY Burlap Reindeer Wreath

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Come join the reindeer games and together we will make a DIY burlap wreath that will guide Santa straight to your front door.

All you need is:

14" straw wreath

2 rolls of burlap (5" wide, 30 feet each roll)

2 Christmas picks

2 black buttons

1 red pom pom

1 piece of felt

floral pins

needle and thread (white)


First step is to cover the straw wreath with burlap by wrapping the burlap around the wreath


When you have wrapped the whole wreath, fold under the frayed edge and tuck the end under the burlap.  Push a floral pin through the burlap into the straw wreath to hold the burlap in place.


The next step is to  add loops of burlap to the face of the wreath.  To do this gather the end of the burlap and insert a floral pin through the burlap and into the straw wreath.


Move down the burlap approximately 4" and gather it again.  Once again insert a floral pin down through the gather, into the straw wreath.


This is the process all the way around the wreath. Allow a width of 2 fingers between the floral pins.


Add 3 rows of burlap loops around the wreath.  Starting on the inside and working your way out.


For the finishing steps get the kids involved.  Glue the stem of the Christmas picks down between the burlap loops.


Cut 2 oval shapes out of the felt .


Sew a button in the corner of each felt piece. 


Glue the eyes and nose in place.  I added a bow to finish it off.


This DIY burlap wreath is sure to guide Santa straight to your front door.

Merry Christmas.

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